Welcome to the website of Patrick Belanger. I am an Assistant Professor of Communication and Transformative Conflict Resolution in the Dept. of Humanities & Communication at Cal State Monterey Bay. My research and teaching are grounded at the locus of rhetoric and peace studies. I am presently writing a book on communication and peacebuilding in a global era: Dialogue and Justice: Rhetorics of Canadian Decolonization (under contract to the University of British Columbia Press). Through critiquing distinct sites of public memory construction and contestation, I explore the capacities of rhetorical practice (broadly conceived) to motivate productive exchange between diverse groups in colonial arenas. I investigate a set of core questions:

• How can divided societies create and sustain public dialogue about matters of political, social, and economic justice?

• In contexts animated by power asymmetries and historical injustice, under what conditions does enhanced knowledge of the past and its legacy break inertia and motivate remedial action?

• In multicultural and polyethnic environments, how can diverse histories be put to productive use (via public remembrance) for a broader cross-section of society?

A recent article traces the interface of public memory and political apology in settler states:
Argumentation and Advocacy (49.1)
(Used with permission of the American Forensic Association)

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